The congress takes place in Ghent

The main location of the ‘6th ELITA – Split-Liver Course’ is Ghent. You will spend the night here and also the most of the scientific sessions will take place here. Only few places in West-Europe have such a rich history, culture and vivaciouty as Ghent.

Because of ‘The worship of the Lamb of God”, the Sint-Baafscathedral and the view from the Sint-Michielsbridge, the classical part of Ghent is definitely worth a visit. Despite its historical value, Ghent is on the other hand no lively museum, but a mix of the magnificant past with contemporary cultural expressions and various shopping opportunities.

This combination makes Ghent a vivacious city with an open unforced atmosphere, which is appreciated by the residents, students and many visitors.

The versatility of the city gets more and more international recognition. Ghent is proclaimed by the Unesco to ‘Creative City for Music’ and may call itself ‘veggie city’ of Europe.